Download Active eCommerce Seller Subscription Add-on 1.9

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Note: Seller Subscription isn’t an independent system. This seller subscription is available only for Active eCommerce cms.

Note: After activating this addon seller commission/category based commission will be disabled.

Seller Subscription Addon for your eCommerce business which is only developed with the most efficient eCommerce cms named Active eCommerce cms. By this Seller Subscription Addon you can add a new feature to create subscription package for you sellers/vendors. you can create unlimited package with physical & digital product upload limit, package icon, name, price & package duration. Sellers/Vendors will find those packages for purchasing in their panel. You need to setup cron job for automaticaly disable seller product after package expiration.

How does it work?

Active eCommerce cms should be pre-installed in your server
Purchase Seller Subscription Addon for Active eCommerce cms from codecanyon
Download and install the addon to your Active eCommerce cms addon manager
It’s done!

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Download Active eCommerce Seller Subscription Add-on 1.9

Rp 25.000

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