Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
We take seriously the priority regarding your privacy policy on the Yorsha website and we will collect, record, hold, store, not disclose, transfer or use your personal information in accordance with the following guidelines.

Protecting data is about reliability and trust. Your privacy is our priority. Therefore we will use your name or any data relating to you only for activities that are in accordance with the privacy policy.

Yorsha will retain information that is only necessary for processing and we will only retain information that is relevant to the business relationship between you and Yorsha.

We will retain your information only for the period permitted by law or for the period required to retain this information.

If you have any opinions, suggestions, comments, you can contact us via email written below.

Storage of personal information
Storage of email addresses
We will store your email that you provide in the email box for notifications, letters & news received via email.

Storage of payments and withdrawals
We may not store your credit card information that you fill out on the Yorsha website. The credit card information you use to make payments on the Yorsha website will be used for the purpose of making payments through the Online Payment System. When the payment has been made, the system does not store the information on the Yorsha system. We will store the bank account number, Bank name, and bank branch that you provide to Yorsha for withdrawal to transfer the amount that you have earned on the Yorsha website.

Use and Disclosure of Information
We will use the information that we receive from you or that will be forwarded to third parties (including relevant companies, service providers) to benefit all businesses or only part of the information with the following description:

For the use of the Yorsha platform

To identify users

To analyze statistics and user behavior

To send you information that we think is useful to you or that you request from us.

When you register to have a user account on Yorsha or you provide your personal information with our platform. We use your personal information for the purpose of sending marketing and promotional news about our products or services or other service providers from time to time. You can opt out at any time to receive marketing information by using the opt-in information system in the marketing information we send.

We may use your contact information to send newsletters from us or from our relevant companies; and

Where an exemption exists and Yorsha is required to disclose personal information, for example, there is information and disclosure can reasonably be believed to protect life or limb from threat for law enforcement purposes or to comply with any law, rule, regulation or request.

Yorsha may provide your personal information to third parties or companies in our branch for the purposes mentioned above. Primarily to fully proceed with any transaction with you. Managing your service user account. Managing other relationships with you. Marketing. Complying with any laws, regulations, or requests that Yorsha recognizes as necessary. In order to share the informaiton with the parties, Yorsha will try its best to guarantee that our third parties or related companies will keep and protect your personal information from being reached, stored, used, disclosed without authorization or other risks in the same way and will keep your personal information only for the period needed for the business purposes mentioned above only.

Yorsha has never been and is not in the business of selling customer information to third parties.

Revocation of consent
You may object to the use or disclosure of your personal information for the above-mentioned business purposes or other purposes at any time by contacting us via the email written below. Please be informed that if you raise an objection to use or disclose the personal information provided for the business or other purposes mentioned above depending on the circumstances of the objection. We may not be in a status to provide you with services or comply with a contract with you.

We have clear legal rights and remedies if we are unable to provide services to you or unable to comply with a contract with you as a result of such objection.

Security of Your Personal Information
Yorsha guarantees that all information will be secured. We protect your personal information by restricting access to personal information by using technological methods to restrain unauthorized access on computer systems and removing your personal information for security reasons when it is no longer required for use in law or business purposes. If you have reason to believe that your privacy is being violated by Yorsha. Please contact us via email below.

No spam, spyware, viruses

Spam, Spyware or Viruses are not allowed to use the platform. Please set and maintain preferences (Preferences) for communication, therefore we can send you the information you need, you will not send messages containing spam, spyware or viruses through the platform. If you would like to report a suspected message to us, please contact via email written below.

Privacy Policy Changes
Yorsha will regularly monitor the effectiveness of the privacy policy. We reserve the right to change the privacy policy at any time. Changes to this policy will be announced or published on the platform.

Yorsha Rights
You acknowledge and agree that Yorsha has the right to disclose personal information to Legal Authorities, Supervisory Bodies, Government Sectors, Taxation Agencies, Law enforcement agencies and other relevant or authorized agencies.

If Yorsha has reason to believe that the disclosure of your personal information is necessary for functional responsibilities, management and agreement whether voluntary or mandatory for the purpose of cooperating with orders, investigations, and/or requests in various forms of agencies under applicable laws.

You agree not to sue or bring any action against Yorsha and will waive any claims or other rights against Yorsha that may arise from the disclosure of your personal information in the circumstances described above.

Contacting Yorsha
If you wish to withdraw consent to the use of your personal information, to view information and/or personal information, have questions, comments, concerns, or require technical support or about the cookies program, please contact us here.

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